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  "Code Red is the most professional, experienced group of people in this field. Using police and military trained personal as instructors to teach the things they know best. The store is set up the same way, no nonsense and they give you information based on experience not fads."
  —Ron F.
  "Excellent service, prices, and training!! Always impressed with the knowledge and background of everyone there!!"

  —Andrea W.
  "The class was great. It was more intensive than we expected and very was not a walk through. The instructor Bryan Baird was on task throughout and made sure we were within all safety and shooting parameters. We highly recommend your class."
  —Barbara B.
  "Do you want Grandma to teach you the fundamentals of Basic Pistol Training?
Do you want a professional, knowledgeable, technical, understanding, up to date trainer? That's what you get when you sign up for Concealed Carry & Basic Pistol Course at CodeRed Tactical with Steve Allred as the trainer. His experience and knowledge sent us through the course with situations needed in preparation for the world of unknown. I am totally pleased with the knowledge I received during this past weekends course. A thorough hands on course not only with my own weapon but others as well. I felt like I was in Boot Camp with this Marine. WELL DONE Steve... WELL DONE."
  —Janet M.
  "For just under a year, I've been going to CodeRed for my firearm related services almost exclusively. Over that period of time, I've watched their operation grow and their services expand. It slowly went from "a gun store in Lovell" to "My gun store". That was made possible because their service is excellent and their staff is only interested in helping me find a product that works for me. Some stores use high pressure sales tactics or belittle your choices because of some irrational brand loyalty. CodeRed just wants to help find what works best for your needs and that's why I keep going back to them.

Speaking of what I needed, I had told the staff that I was looking to start hunting but I wanted a rifle chambered in .308 that I could use for just about anything. They immediately offered suggestions, most of which I was already considering. A few days later, I got a call on my way home from work that I should stop in and check out a used rifle that just came into the store.

They showed me a Springfield Armory SOCOM II M1A with a Sage EBR stock and forearm. It was love at first sight! A rifle like this could have been marked up and sold for a hefty profit. Instead, they offered me a screaming deal that I couldn't refuse. Their mission statement on their website reads: "CodeRed Tactical strives to provide its customers with the highest quality products and real life training at competitive prices." It never ceases to amaze me how often they meet or exceed that standard. If you're in the market for a firearm or you're just looking for gear to use for your favorite outdoor activity, call or stop by CodeRed Tactical. You'll be happy you did."

  —Felipe R
  "Thank you guys for an awesome time today! I appreciate you, Steve, and each member of your team. You all did a great job! Thank you for keeping our safety your number one priority!! I had a blast out at the range...even tho it was freakin cold!!"
  —Mary N.
  “Absolutely Top Tier Training. One of the best courses you will find anywhere!”
  —Ty M.
  "CodeRed Tactical of Lovell, Wy. is offering classes on handgun basics, safety and concealed carry. Myself as well as my wife have recently successfully completed the Wyoming concealed weapon permit course and have benefited from the hands on tactical training as well as the "real world" mindset to begin to understand the realities facing each and every one of us on a daily basis. Thank you very much Steven Allred and Bryan Baird for the the knowledge you imparted unto me and my wife. Thank You."
  —Benny M.
  "Over the weekend, I took a home defense course courtesy of CodeRed Tactical here in Lovell, WY. The class started at 4 pm and ended around 10:30 pm. Training began with lots of light but obviously ended in pitch blackness. After learning about confronting threats by clearing hard corners and avoiding "fatal funnels", the most important thing I took away from the class is that I don't want to ever be in a situation where I need to use what I learned! All that said, anyone that is in the area that is thinking about taking a course at CodeRed... stop thinking about it and do it. The classes are intense but they are fun. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and very safety oriented. Our live fire exercises were executed with military precision. For this course, we had three instructors that either have/had SWAT experience or experience training marines in the Marine Corps. Despite the very serious topic of armed defense, the class still maintained a fun atmosphere which is always easier to learn in. Forget about that "on paper only" home defense class. This is the real deal and worth every penny. Beverages were provided but I would recommend bringing a snack for between lecture and range time. Also, bring lots of extra ammunition and an extra firearm in case you have a malfunction that can't be resolved on the range. Your protection is your responsibility! Empower yourself with knowledge and training that might save your life someday."
  —Felipe R.
  "I really appreciated the welcoming and personal feeling that I received when I entered CodeRed Tactical. From the initial "hi" from the manager to the dog coming out of the back just to sniff me and go right back to where he came from to one of the co-owners handshakes and intimate knowledge of guns and more specifically, AR-15's, I was thoroughly impressed. I went in just to look around and ended up buying a shotgun and .308 rifle below MSRP. They were also very helpful in attempting to find a holster for me and offered to order anything that they didn't have in stock at a very competitive price. I believe I have found my new supplier and will definitely be using the services of CodeRed Tactical for any of my future firearm needs or wants. Thank you."
  —Benny M.
  "Just a quick note to tell you how thrilled I am with my new AR - starting with the build. I appreciated the way that you presented options for every component with explanations about each. With your guidance and expertise, I was able to "build" my own gun. I love it. It is extremely easy to shoot and tons of fun.

Your service after the sale has been great! Every time I come in your store whether to shop or browse, it feels good to be called by name with a smile. You guys are great!

My son and I really enjoyed the class you taught Saturday. It gave us confidence in our newly learned skills and we talked about it until I'm sure our wives were tired of listening to it. You have a knack for teaching. I can't wait to participate in your next class.

Thanks again. I'm telling all my friends about Code Red Tactical!!"
  —Rick S.
  "Just wanted to thank you guys again for putting so much work into my AR. I really appreciate how long you spent on it and how good it turned out. Anytime I need any work done I know where to take it now."
  —Jake H.
  "A huge thanks to Steve, who was above and beyond helpful. After looking for a couple months for the right rifle code red was the only store in the basin with fair prices, and helpful knowledge, and friendly staff. Finally their ammo prices were cheaper than anything I could find even online! Thanks again Steve, you guys are great!"
  —Cliff C.
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